What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around for a long time.  The use of essential oils dates back to the ancient Egyptians.  Essential oils are found in plants.  Plants need them to survive.  The oils carry nutrition into a plant’s cells, as well as remove waste.  They act in a similar way with us.  When high quality oils are applied topically, they deliver nutrition through our skin’s cells, and get rid of waste.

In order to experience all of the health benefits, you need to use a pure, high quality essential oil.  There are oils for sale claiming to be essential oils, but don’t have any healing properties.  They just smell nice.  Real essential oils are stored in dark bottles.  All of the ingredients are listed, as well as the botanical name.  They also cost more, but it’s worth it knowing that you’re using something pure from nature.  A company I trust is Young Living Essential Oils.  You can read about their “Seed to Seal” process by clicking HERE.

There are three basic ways to use essential oils:  smell them, apply them to your skin, and eat them (most oils).  When smelling them, you can smell the oil directly, or you can put the oil in a device called a diffuser.  I prefer to use a diffuser.  You just put some water in the diffuser, along with some drops of your choice oil, and it sprays a fine mist into the air.  It is important to use a cool mist diffuser because heat can damage the benefits of the oil.  You can get a diffuser through Young Living when purchasing one of their Premium Starter Kits.  The kit also comes with 11 essential oils.  If you are interested in purchasing a kit through them, please click HERE.

When applying them topically, you may want to dilute the oils with a pure vegetable oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil.  If you apply them directly, they can irritate your skin.  For easy use, put your essential oil blend in a roll-on-bottle and apply it that way.  You can turn a 5- or 15-ml bottle with an “Sb” marking on the bottom into a roll-on-bottle by using Young Living’s fitments.  For more information, click HERE

You can also put a few drops of an essential oil (consult product labels for usage directions) in your favorite beverage or food.

There are other ways to use them, but those are the most popular.  You can even use them for cleaning!  For more ideas on how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life, look for my page titled Ways to Use Your Oils.