Why I Use Essential Oils

I’m Amy – a  wife, mother of two, and an elementary school teacher.  I’d like to share my story  of how essential oils have had a positive effect on my everyday life.

I first started looking into essential oils a little over a year ago.  I was looking for some natural ways to help me relax.  While researching, I came across essential oils.  I changed a number of things in my life, and essential oils were among the many things I decided to try.  Some single oils I use for mood management are Young Living’s lavender, frankincense, and peppermint.  There are also oil blends I use to manage my mood such as Young Living’s Stress Away.  I just put my choice of oil in one of my diffusers and wait for the oils to fill the air.  Diffusers have actually replaced candles in my home.  I’ve even heard of people using Stress Away as a perfume!  I feel SO much better with the more natural lifestyle that I am living now!

Another reason I came upon essential oils, is because I was looking for natural ways to calm my “wild child.”  I love him dearly, but he never sits down.  He’s constantly on the move, and has a very hard time calming himself.  There are certain oils you can try with a rambunctious child to help them calm their bodies and mind.  A few of them are Young Living’s cedarwood, lavender, and vetiver.  My son has a diffuser in his room, and it helps him fall asleep every night.  We also rub some of the oils on the bottom of his feet to help him relax.

I found through my research that there are many different qualities of oils.  Some of them can be tainted, diluted, or old.  I became impressed with Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” process.  They ensure that you’ll receive high quality oils, and that’s why I bought my first essential oils kit through them.  If you’d like to read more about their “Seed to Seal” process, Click Here.  I recommend one of the Premium Starter Kits.  The Premium Starter Kit is the best value for the money. It is also the easiest way to get started because it comes with 11 essential oils, as well as a diffuser!  There are four Premium Starter Kits to choose from that come with a diffuser.  Just pick the Premium Starter Kit with the diffuser you prefer.

When purchasing a kit through them, you have the option of becoming a Wholesale Member or a Retail Customer.  When you become a Wholesale Member, you get up to 24% off retail! You also have the opportunity to become a distributor and gain commissions on those who use your member ID and join our Young Living teams.  At first, I wasn’t even thinking of this as a way to make money.  I just wanted a good starter kit.  Then I started reading up on others who have become distributors through Young Living and are generating an income.  The part that was most appealing to me was that you can earn money from home.  I get discounts on products that I love, and when a person uses my member ID and joins our teams, I earn commission on what they purchase.  Some people become a distributor to make back the money they spent on their kit.  If three people buy a kit using your YL member ID number, you’ll earn enough commissions to replace the money you spent previously on your oils.  If you are interested in getting started as a distributor through Young Living, please see my page titled Earn from HomeClick Here for Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement.

Thank you for reading my first post.  I hope I inspired some of you to join the essential oils journey with me.  I really do believe in their health benefits and hope you get to experience them as well.

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Thanks again!